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Installer License #: 0S25725

Site Evaluator License #: SE 27501

Maintenance Provider License #: MP645

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Aerobic system maintenance contracts are a great way for homeowners to achieve peace of mind, allowing us to monitor your system regularly and notifying you of any concerns observed during inspection.

Certain counties mandate that all owners of aerobic septic systems maintain a valid maintenance contract in force at all times. Each maintenance contract must be provided by a maintenance company holding a Class II OSSF or Class D License. JLBJ Septic Systems is licensed and highly qualified to expertly inspect your aerobic system.  


Recent regulatory changes allow local option approval for Texas homeowners to be trained and certified to inspect their own aerobic septic systems. Call us today to begin your training!

Experience you can trust

We're committed to providing the very best maintenance service available. Each time we inspect your aerobic system, we attach a door hanger, along with a copy of the inspection report, explicitly describing the services performed and noting any concerns we may have observed during inspection. We then fax a copy of the report to your county’s designated representative. This insures your county is aware of your compliance with maintenance contract requirements.

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Why get a maintenance contract ?

With a maintenance contract  you'll get comprehensive services 3 times a year including:


• System testing

• Sludge level monitoring

• Adjustment of the chlorinator as needed

• Air filter cleaning

• Cleaning of the inlet on sprinkler pump

• Reporting the findings to you and your county’s designated representative, as required