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LPD Septic Systems

In addition to conventional septic systems, there are several alternative options that are ideal in different settings and soil conditions. One such alternative is a low pressure drip system.

What is a low-pressure drip?

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The Low Pressure Drip System works by releasing effluent into the soil several times per day for even saturation.


• Alternative to conventional soil absorption systems

• Eliminate problems such as:

       • Clogging

       • Mechanical sealing of the soil trench during construction

       • Anaerobic conditions due to continuous saturation and

         high weather table.


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How does low-pressure drip work?

There are three main components to the LPDS system: (1) a treatment unit such as a septic tank or secondary treatment device, (2) a pump chamber or dosing system, and (3) a disposal system consisting of small diameter distribution laterals with small perforations.